The stars decide! Show your reviews to customers

The stars decide - collect positive reviews and increase your credit

Today's customers are increasingly choosing businesses based on reviews. That's why we at Booqme have added a new review function to your booking system, so that you not only get feedback, but also increase the trust of your customers and get better credit for your business.

How does it work?

1. View reviews

Your customers can now see other customers' reviews right on your site. This new feature is very beneficial for you, as reviews build trust and can attract new customers.


2. Ability to enable/disable reviews

You can choose whether or not to display reviews on your booking page. Setting this option is easy. Just go to the "Booking form" section, then "Edit form" and there you will find the option "View reviews." Just turn this option on and the reviews will start appearing on your page.

3. Hide inappropriate reviews

You will not have to post all reviews. If inappropriate texts or inappropriate ratings appear, you can simply hide them. You can find this feature in the "Ratings."


4. Test mode and BUSINESS


This feature is currently available to everyone in test mode. Later it will be included in the BUSINESS package, so you can easily add it to your reservation system.

5. Frequency of reviews

Do you want your regular customers to rate your service regularly? Now you can set it up! With the new functionality from Booqme, you can determine how often customers will be prompted to rate the service. This way you will have regular access to feedback from your customers.

Regular reviews? With the Booqme booking system, you can easily set it up!

These new features are a great way to strengthen customer trust and improve the quality of your service.

Raise the level of your business with the new product from Booqme!

Tamás Baráth 17.10.2023