Booqme news: Customers can now pay for reservations online

It is fast, practical and safe. As soon as the customer has booked an appointment with you, he can pay for it immediately. You decide whether it will be the whole amount or if he will pay only a part of it in advance. Let's take a look together at how payments for reservations will take place after the new one.

You can change the settings for advance payments

One ​​of the advantages of the Booqme reservation system is its adaptability. Adjust your settings according to your current needs to adapt to different working conditions. From now on, you have the option to set up advance payment requirements for each service you provide separately. Do you rent premises? You can choose whether to require payment in advance and how much. Especially for leases, the price can change depending on the length of the lease, so it is advisable to set the amount of payments according to the percentage value of the total amount for the lease.

Whoever hesitates, remains without a reservation

Booqme enables prompt response to customer requests. Anyone who has a real interest in obtaining a service/rental appointment with you is also realistically able to pay for their reservation immediately. With this step, he gives you the assurance that he will not change his mind about his request, and also gives a chance to other customers who are interested in the date in case he does not pay for his reservation online within the set limit.

How does it work?

• If the customer makes a reservation through Booqme with an obligation to pay, the system will redirect him to the payment gateway, where he will have to pay the predetermined amount for the reservation online.

• If the customer does not pay the reservation fee within 30 minutes, his appointment will be canceled and freed up for another customer.

• You can see the payment status for each reservation separately, so you know exactly which dates are definitely booked and which are in progress.

• Every time after the end of the calendar month, you will receive a bill to your business's e-mail address together with payment to the selected bank account.

Additional fees and conditions

Are you interested in this new feature in the reservation system? We are working on ever better automation of the system, so that you and your customers feel comfortable and that reservations are made without any problems. Without having to focus on other details related to the reservation. Payments are available in all STARTER, LITE and BUSINESS packages. The minimum amount of payment for the reservation is 5 €/100 CZK. The commission for processing the payment ranges from 2.8% + €0.30/8 CZK.

By improving the functions of the Booqme reservation system, we adapt to the conditions of modern times. And that is a benefit for you too.

Tamás Baráth 05.05.2024

Reservation system also in your business?