Online booking system for your business

All reservations in one place and always with you!

Do you own a hairdresser, car repair shop, dental office , massage parlor or similar ?

How does it work?

Enable your customers to book an appointment online.

It's easy. Just follow 5 easy steps.

  • Register
  • Fill in basic information about your operation
  • Add your services
  • Share the link to your booking form
  • Watch your bookings increase
Tablet reservation system

Unlimited availability

Always have all bookings with you

Our reservation system is accessible online and adapted for all facilities. You can also view reservations from the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet or smartphone .

Reservations available 24/7

Your customers can book an appointment online. Anytime, anytime . Even if you are not on the phone or with a diary.

Overview of terms - iphone

Overview terms

Forget about diaries

All reservations can be conveniently displayed on the timeline in a clear graphic design.

Free dates

Finding a free term has never been easier. From now on, you won't have to flip through the calendar. The booqme online booking system will automatically find available dates for each of your services.

Notifikácie k rezervácii - iphone

Reminder term

Email notifications

After making a reservation they will receive Your customers email with a confirmation date. They will be able to easily add this date to their Google or Apple Calendar.

SMS notifications

Your customers will be automatically informed by an SMS message about the approaching date of their reservation. It will not happen to you that someone will forget the deadline and not come.

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Reservation system also in your business?